We are here for you.


Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your current one, it can be an overwhelming process. Let Luna Designs in The Dalles help create your dream space without all the hassle. Luna Designs works with contractors, vendors, and brands we know and trust to find the best design and price to fit your taste and your budget. Meeting with Luna Designs before you begin any project will allow us to develop a well prepared plan. Being prepared before you begin the project will make the construction process much more efficient. We can recommend companies we have built relationships with, though we are happy to work with your preferences and build new relationships.




What can we do for you

The first step is a Consultation. We go over what you want to achieve, and develop a plan on how to accomplish those goals. This is where we decide what needs to be done, what companies would be the best fit for each stage, and what products work best with your project.

Consultations can range from whole-home or office, to just an individual room. Whether you want to build a new home from the ground up, or just want to renovate the master bath. We work with your space and set a budget.


Design and Layout

Mapping the project

After a consultation we design the space and find the layout that not only looks great, but also has functionality. Our designer will sit with you one on one and design the space to your liking.

Design and Layout gives a general idea of the structure and function of the space. This is a crucial step before beginning any project. Having a Design and Layout before going to a Contractor or applying for permits will save you time and money.


Product Selection

function, durability, aesthetic

Once you have the Design and Layout you have been dreaming of, it is time to choose what materials, colors, textures, appliances and other products will fit your budget, offer lasting quality, provide functionality, and will look fantastic in your space. With over a decade in the Residential and Light Commercial construction industry, we have developed a deep understanding of the products available as well as what works and will last. Picking the right products can ensure you don't run into problems during or after the project is completed.

The great thing about working with Luna Designs when picking products is that Luna Designs will handle any issues with products and vendors. We have built relationships with the brands and vendors we work with, and we will work with them to ensure the project is up to your standard and meets your expectations.


3D Renders

seeing the project, virtually

We offer 3D Rendering services for your project. Not everyone can envision exactly what a space will look like with certain colors, products, layouts, etc. A 3D Render allows us to show you what it will look like, in high definition, using advanced software. We can show you how the space will look finished, before any work is started on the project. This will allow you to see what works for you, without waiting until commitments have already been made.

We offer still-photos of the renders in high-resolution, or you can come to our office and take a "walk" through your space. We can adjust lighting, perspective, and so much more. All in real time!


Purchase and Installation

putting it all together

The final stage in the project is to purchase the materials and products, hire contractors and installers, and begin putting the project together. Luna Designs stays with you from the start to the finish. While this is the final step with the project, for some this may be the first step with Luna Designs. We can recommend companies with have built relationships with, though we are happy to work with your preferences and build new relationships. Luna Designs is an authorized dealer for several trusted brands and manufacturers and can provide these products at a more affordable price than big box stores by eliminating the middle-man.